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Diversity at MIP

Race, Gender, Ethnicity and Comparative Psychoanalysis at MIP

MIP is committed to a process of understanding the role of race, gender, religion, and all forms of cultural bias in our world and in our institution.

From the beginning, as a comparative institute MIP has included required courses on Culture and Psychoanalysis as well as Gender and Sexuality in its four-year training program. Committed to the alleviation of human suffering, we work towards an understanding of our patients and ourselves in broadly human, cultural, social and historical context.

Critical to discourse in this arena we strive to establish a spirit of questioning, inquiry, and free exchange of views in all of our programs. As a psychoanalytic educational institution we are dedicated to the ongoing creative development of the larger field of psychoanalysis. Such change includes, in part, diverse contemporary perspectives on race, gender, religion and ethnicity as they relate to our identity as a comparative psychoanalytic institute. We are also invested in promoting the broader, international world of psychoanalytic publication, conferences and online communication around analytic theory, education, training and practice.

In June 2020, we made a statement of commitment to antiracism and racial equality. We want to understand what may be barriers at MIP to becoming a more racially and culturally diverse program—one in which we strive towards becoming a welcoming community to people with many different backgrounds. This is a working document subject to revision and change.

Currently, we have asked the faculty to consider including readings on race and culture as well as writing by Black psychoanalysts. Our continuing education programs offer courses on race and psychoanalysis. A “MIP Reads” program with a section for BIPOC is available to all MIP members.

MIP Commitments to Antiracism and Racial Equity

MIP Antiracism and Racial Equity Resources

As a simple first step to continue MIP’s conversation about race and power, the following list of readings, podcasts, shows, and other opportunities is available in service of stimulating critical dialogue about race and power. If there are resources that you want to add to this list, please send all details using the Contact Us form.

Articles and Books:

Videos, Movies, and TV:


This list is far from comprehensive! To suggest additional resources, please contact us.