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Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis

A Home for Comparative Psychoanalysis

Upcoming from MIP’s Program Committee:

The Ethics of Community Life
in Psychoanalytic Institutes

Sat., Oct 21 • 9:30–12:30pm
Presented on Zoom

Speakers: Jane Burka & Angela Sowa
Discussant: David Brooks
Moderator: Linda Gelda

The Continuing Study Committee Presents:

A New Catalog of Psychoanalytic Dimensions Courses for Fall and Winter 2023/24

These courses are free to MIP members and offer collegiality with more extensive immersion into psychoanalytic theory and concepts. Credits available. We’re still accepting course submissions for Winter and Spring.

MIP-Wide Town Halls

Kathy Pogue White guides us in continuing discussions on race and antiracism. MIP members are highly encouraged to attend.

These are members only events.

3 Sundays: Oct 1, Nov 12, Dec 10
Presented on Zoom


MIP welcomes everyone in the larger mental health and academic community with an interest in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy to become members and join us. Our current membership includes our psychoanalytic candidates, post-graduate fellows, the graduates of these programs, MIP faculty, supervisors and other members of the clinical and academic community.