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Consultations and Referrals

We at MIP understand the importance of choosing a therapist or analyst that is right for you. This is not an easy endeavor. Though the choice of therapist or analyst is ultimately yours, we can provide guidance in one of the following ways.

1) Browse the Directory of MIP Members available for a Consultation or Referral

Choose this option for a list of licensed social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health clinicians, and nurse practitioners. The MIP Member Directory is searchable according to the following categories:

  • Name 
  • Location
  • Clinical Specialty
  • Licenses and Degrees (LICSW, PsyD, etc.)
  • Languages Spoken

2) Request a MIP Member to personally contact me regarding my concerns and questions for a Consultation or Referral

3) I am interested in becoming an analysand of a Candidate in Training at MIP

Our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and years of experience. Being part of their training, you have the benefit of their additional supervision, often a willingness to negotiate more reduced fees and most of all sharing their desire for in depth knowledge and understanding.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that by providing access to the on-line Member/Therapist Roster, MIP is in no way guaranteeing the licensing, ethical standing, or clinical work of the members included in this list and is not responsible for any harm that may result from contact made with anyone on this list. We highly recommend that you verify the license and ethical standing of anyone on this list you choose to contact.