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2020-21 Graduation

Joyce Klein speaking at graduation

Welcome, all of you.

First I want to thank Mal, for creating this garden, caring for it with his helpers and sharing it with us today for this graduation ceremony. And to John Tyler who coordinated this event.

For those who are joining me in person today and those joining us on zoom. This is a symbolic moment. Our stepping back into the world of In-person gatherings—eventually reuniting with our patients, our classmates and our students and faculty.

This is a big, a new kind of transition—it comes with some fear and with some joy. And as all first steps. We do it alone but it helps when we can share it with others—which makes me grateful to this community for all we have endured together in this year.

We would not be here today without our amazing faculty, our hard working committee chairs, and those on the board of directors who have supported me in our mission: Namely, to provide the best psychoanalytic education we can in an atmosphere of open dialogue and comparative thought. Always, with the hope that this in-depth psychoanalytic work will help relieve the pain and suffering of our patients—heightened particularly in times of uncertainty and loss.

Throughout the pandemic and quarantine we have strived to fulfill these goals. Although, even more exhausting, I believe, than usual, I am grateful for our perseverance, commitment and strength.

Bobby Knable, a beloved board member for many years, not a clinician herself but having been a dean of students at Tufts University, has said it was at the MIP graduation where the unique meaning of a comparative psychoanalytic education came through. So, with that idea in mind, we will begin our 2020-2021 graduation. And, let a MIP education speak for itself.

E. Joyce Klein, President, Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
June 5, 2021

PROGRAM for the 2020-2021 GRADUATION

Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis
June 5, 2021


Joyce Klein

Recognition of Graduates of the Post Graduate Fellowship Program, Cambridge and West

Jill Engerman
Jill Engerman

Recognition of Graduates of the Stechler Child and Adolescent Fellowship Program

Lisa Slater
Lisa Slater

Graduation of Candidates of the Four Year Psychoanalytic Training Program

Sarah Dunbar
Sarah Dunbar
Anne Waters
Anne Waters

Recognition of graduates unable to attend

Holly Tytell
Irit Feldman
Susan Hileman
Helen Hwang
Gaina Germani

Graduates and Speakers

Basia Bolibok
Basia Bolibok, Graduate
Evelyn Pye and Basia Bolibok
Evelyn Pye and Basia Bolibok
Eli Dan
Eli Dan, Graduate
Elizabeth Corpt and Eli Dan
Elizabeth Corpt and Eli Dan
Chad Gillette
Chad Gillette, Graduate
Stuart Pizer and Chad Gillette
Stuart Pizer and Chad Gillette
Marina Kasdaglis
Marina Kasdaglis, Graduate
David Power
David Power, Speaker
Kerin Porat
Keren Porat, Graduate
Malcolm Slavin
Malcolm Slavin, Speaker
Tamar Vishlitzky
Tamar Vishlitzky, Graduate
David Doolittle
David Doolittle, Speaker

2021 Paul Graves Myerson Award

Joyce Klein and Deborah Dowd
Joyce Klein makes the presentation
Deborah Dowd
Deborah Dowd accepts the award

Receptions following the graduation ceremony and on Zoom – Sunday, June 6, 7:30 pm

MIP Graduation Reception

With pleasure, we congratulate our Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis Graduates!

2020-2021 Graduates of the Four-Year Psychoanalytic Program

2020 Graduates

Keren Porat
Marina Kasdaglis
Eli Dan
Chad Gillette
Susan Hileman
Gaiana Germani
Helen Hwang

2021 Graduates

Tamar Vishlitzky
Irit Feldman
Basia Bolibok
Holly Tytell

The Post-Graduate Fellowship Program-East (Cambridge, MA)

Julia Moskowitz
Brianne Crocker
Stephanie Ault
Stewart Kiritz
Emmalee Boyle
Mary Elizabeth Ruggiero
Tamkeenat Syed
Daria Pokoevaya
Daniel Leonard
Allison Kuriloff
Stephanie Lucero
Gahl Rinat

Second Year Fellows

Susana Gomez
Meredith Nocek
Hannah Richardson

The Post Graduate Fellowship Program-West (Northampton, MA)

Angela Wilson
Leslie Lauf
Min Cheng
Daniel Weinbaum
Elise Trujillo
Marlene Meinelt

The Stechler Child and Adolescent Therapy Program

Kaitlyn Coppola
Sydney Shafer
Kate Sacco

Our tremendous appreciation to our 2020-2021 Faculty

Benjamin Addleson
Katharine Addleson
Elizabeth Bernstein
Andrea Bleichmar
Susan Bokor Nadas
Larry Chud
Elizabeth Corpt
Elisheva Dan
David Doolittle
Deborah Dowd
Ruth Drasin
Paul Efthim
Sara Emerson
Jill Engerman
Richard Frankel
Joann Frankhouser
Dick Geist
Linda Gelda
Joan Goldberg
Sharon Greenfield
Joan Harrison
Susan Hileman
David Kemmerer
Joyce Klein
Frances Lang
David Levit
Raquel Limonic
Laura Mazikowski
Jade McGleughlin
Carolyn McLoughlin
Abigail McNally
John Moynihan
Stacey Novack
Stuart Pizer
Barbara Pizer
Dennis Plant
Keren Porat
Patricia Potter
David Power
John V. Pruitt, III
David Raniere
Michael Reison
Robert Riethmiller
Samuel Roth
Carol Rubin
Elizabeth Slater
Malcolm Slavin
Maria Slowiaczek
Cynthia Sortwell
Mark Steinberg
Steven Stern
Anna Stothart
Amy Sweigenberg
Ash Turnbull

MIP also acknowledges and appreciates the contributions of those who taught in Psychoanalytic Dimensions courses this year.

Graduation Video

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