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Candidate Resources

Resources for MIP Candidates

Welcome Candidates! Below you will find forms, lists, and guidelines that are specifically relevant to candidate life. Also listed below is the contact information for MIP’s appointed Ombudsperson.


Guidelines and Expectations


Guidelines for the Final Project


CAC Meeting Guidelines


AY24 Full-Year Schedule


List of Candidates


Manage My Account


Supervisor/Analyst Documentation Form


Patient Informed Consent Form


Reduced Rate Analysis

MIP Analysts who have agreed to negotiate a lower fee for candidate psychoanalysis


Reduced Rate Supervision

MIP Supervisors who have agreed to supervise analytic cases


Pro Bono Consultation

MIP Analysts who have agreed to provide a pro bono consultation hour


Letter to Supervisor

MIP Candidate Ombudsperson Information

MIP Candidates have their own appointed Ombudsperson who is available as a confidential advisor around any grievance, ethical concerns or other matters that may arise during training. The Ombudsperson is appointed by the President, but has no responsibilities to the Institute. Conversations between Candidates and the Ombudsperson are strictly confidential (he/she reports to no one). The Ombudsperson’s task is to be receptive to hearing about any ethical issues that arise and to help the candidate navigate her/his way through the MIP system and beyond. MIP’s Candidate Ombudsperson is Joan Harrison, MSN. Joan can be reached by phone at (401) 831-3219 (office), or by email at