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Bulletin Board

Hello Fellow MIP Members! The MIP Web Work Group is very happy to introduce a new feature of the Members-Only section of the website, a MIP Community Bulletin Board. This Board is a virtual space where paid MIP members can post professionally relevant announcements to the community.

The kinds of announcements that MIP considers suitable for this forum include any matters related to the professional practice of our discipline that are NOT specific clinical referrals (for referral requests, please use the MIP referral listserv at Examples of suitable announcements include the following: office space availability, office furniture for sale, questions about professional books or resources, general questions about treatment programs, general questions about treatment modalities, announcements about programs outside of MIP that might be of professional interest to other MIP members, etc.). Examples of material NOT considered relevant for this forum include specific patient referral information, political statements, advertisements for one’s practice or non-professional matters, self-promotional materials, etc.).

Please also note that posted materials will remain on the site for 30 days and will thereafter be deleted. If you wish to have an announcement reposted after 30 days, you must repost it yourself. Finally, the MIP administration retains the right to remove at any time and without advance notice any posted material that is deemed inappropriate for this forum.