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Annual Open House

For prospective candidates or members, there is an annual Open House you may attend to hear about the training programs from current candidates and faculty. Ordinarily the Open House is held mid-week in February at the Harvard Faculty Club where all questions about becoming/being an analyst or a psychoanalytic psychotherapist are welcome….


Every two years a full day Symposium is held on a cutting edge topic for the Institute as a whole as well as the general public. Topics in recent years have included enactment, the somatic unconscious, annihilation fears in emotional contact among others. For further information on this year’s Symposium,…

Scientific Programs

At more frequent intervals, MIP’s Program Committee offers a series of Scientific Presentations, panels, and workshops on Saturday mornings on the Cambridge Hospital grounds. As a comparative institute, speakers and discussants are paired to represent different theoretical viewpoints on a given topic. Discussion with the audience is always provocative and evocative as a consequence….

Mini-Semester Courses

Every winter, a group of “mini-semester” courses are offered in special topics taught by faculty and members. Very popular have been courses on particular thinkers such as Winnicott, Green, Klein, Ogden and the Post-Moderns as well as more general content courses such as eating disorders, death and dying, the connection between attachment and primitive states,…

Other Member Courses

During the regular semesters, members who are not in the training programs may attend a course offered by a senior faculty member for 6-8 weeks for further study on a topic of interest to the general community. For a list of additional member courses offered this year CLICK HERE….