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Statement of Ethics

MIP’s Non-Discrimination Policy

MIP has a strong and consistent commitment to equal opportunity and does not discriminate in any of its policies on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identification, nationality, race, religion, and sexual orientation.

Statement of Ethics

Ethics Committee Mission and Charge

In order to promote the awareness of ethics and to help in the creation of ethical standards and policies, the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis has established an Ethics Committee. The overall objective of the Ethics Committee is to sustain and encourage an environment of respect, responsibility, and ethical conduct within the Institute.

It is MIP’s belief that adherence to ethical standards in the broadest sense is a necessary condition for the proper outcome of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and for the advancement of MIP’s pedagogical and scientific goals.

The mission of the Ethics Committee includes: (1) the promotion of ethical values within the Institute, (2) the education of candidates and members about professional ethics, and (3) the development of policies and procedures to make these goals tangible and specific.


While any member of the MIP community can bring ethical questions or concerns to the Ethics Committee, MIP has designated an Ombudsperson who is available to candidates for personal discussion and consultation on any matter of concern. Similarly, there is an ombudsman available to members. Consultations with the Ombudspersons are strictly confidential. The Ombudspersons are not members of the Ethics Committee and do not report to the President.

The Candidate Ombudsperson is Joan Harrison, who can be reached at (401) 831-3219.

The Membership Ombudsperson is Linda Luz-Alterman, who can be reached at (617) 354-3215.

MIP’s Affirmation of Professional Standards

MIP expects all its members to uphold the ethical standards of the professional organization through which they are licensed in Massachusetts (or whichever state their practice is in). This includes, but is not limited to, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and the National Association of Social Workers.

MIP members are required to sign an ethical attestation form. By so doing, a member thereby affirms that he or she is in good standing with the relevant licensing board, and affirms that he or she will notify the President or the Co-Chairs of the Ethics Committee of any change in this status. Change of status includes loss of license, some other finding, or the initiation of an investigation. The President or Co-Chairs should be informed within one month of any such change.

Committee Members

The members of the Ethics Committee are:

  • Stuart Pizer, Chair – Phone: (617) 492-4587
  • Ginger Chappell
  • Deborah Dowd
  • Sherri Ettinger
  • Jade McGleughlin

Any member of the MIP community or of the general public who has concerns about any ethical issue at MIP as a whole or about any of its members can contact the Co-Chairs of the Ethics Committee or the MIP President.