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The internal workings of MIP are structured according to a broad range of committees, each of which is usually led by two co-chairs. Below is a brief description of each of MIP’s committees as well as a listing of their respective co-chairs and members.

Admissions Committee

The Admissions Committee at MIP is responsible for receiving and reviewing applications to MIP’s Candidate Training Program and Advanced Candidate Training Program in Psychoanalysis. The Admissions Committee interviews applicants to both programs and is responsible for the selection of candidates accepted to train at MIP. The Committee also hosts an informational Open House each year.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Johanna Malone, Ph.D., Co-Chair20212022  
David Raniere, Ph.D., Co-Chair20212024
Raquel Limonic, LMHC20182021 2021 2024
Gloria Barbacoff, LICSW20202023  
Jaine Darwin, Ph.D., ABPP201720202021 2024
Jade McGleughlin, LICSW20202023  
Kate R. Sullivan, Ph.D.20192022  
Marina Kovarsky, LICSW20212024

Academic Outreach Committee

The Academic Outreach Committee seeks to create connections between analysts and academics. The committee offers study groups, courses, and programs designed to bring analysts and academics together to learn from each other and to stimulate interdisciplinary thinking.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Michael Reison, Ph.D., Chair20202023  
Lynne Layton, Ph.D.2013201620172020

Continuing Education Committee

The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) is responsible for overseeing the provision of continuing education credits at MIP. We aim to be able to offer sufficient CE credits for candidates and members of all disciplines within our training programs and selected community programs, respectively.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Susan Schiff Geist, M.D.20192022  
Robert Riethmiller, Ph.D.20162019 20192022 

Continuing Study Committee

The Continuing Studies Committee (CSC) offers continuing education courses and learning opportunities to MIP members and non-MIP members in the greater Boston area and in the Pioneer Valley region in western Massachusetts. These opportunities for professional development advance an immersion into psychoanalytic theory, concepts, and practice with a sense of collegiality and community.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Susan Schiff Geist, M.D., Co-Chair20192022  
Sherri Ettinger, Ph.D., Co-Chair20172020  
Daniel Fishman, Ph.D.20172020  
Carolyn McLoughlin, MSW, LICSW20202023
Shannon Mackey, LICSW20202023

Curriculum Committee

The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to implement a curriculum that provides MIP candidates with intensive experience in comparative psychoanalysis. To this end, the committee oversees curriculum design across the four years of training; recruits, selects and assigns faculty to teach semester courses and winter intercession courses; coordinates faculty and course evaluations; and holds faculty meetings and development workshops.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Susan Bokor Nadas, LICSW, Co-Chair2014201720172020
Dennis Plant, Ph.D., Co-Chair20162019  
Ruth Bell, LICSW20192022  
Claire Blood-Deschamps, LICSW20172020  
Kara Brown, Ed.D.20182021  
Laurence Chud, M.D.20172020  
Abigail McNally, Ph.D.    
Susan Hileman, LICSW20182021  
Joyce Klein, LICSW20192022  
Stuart Pizer, Ph.D., ABPP20162019  
Barbara Pizer, Ed.D., ABPP20172020  
Keren Porat, Psy.D.20172020  
Elizabeth Simpson, LICSW20182021  
Alicia Southwell, LICSW20172020  
Suhrida Yadavalli, LMHC 20202023
Angela Jones, Psy.D.201920222022

Ethics Committee

The MIP Ethics Committee is dedicated to cultivating the highest level of ethical conduct within the MIP community and in the psychoanalytic community at large. The committee is tasked with developing and revising ethical policies and procedures, educating candidates and members about ethical principles, and facilitating consultation on any policy or events that have an ethical dimension.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Stuart Pizer, Ph.D. ABPP, Chair
Phone: (617) 492-4587
Ginger Chappell, Ph.D.2006200920102016
Elizabeth Corpt, LICSW, MSW201820212020  2023
Deborah Dowd, LICSW20202023
Sherri Ettinger, Ph.D., LICSW20202023
Jade McGleughlin, LICSW20202023

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to oversee all financial matters of MIP. Chaired by the treasurer and an additional co-chair appointed by the President, it reports to the board on budgetary, regulatory and other financial aspects of the Institute with the board retaining ultimate fiduciary responsibility.

Board appointed comprised of BOD members1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Laurence Chud, M.D., Co-Chair2009201720172022
Linda Luz-Alterman, Ph.D.2014201720172022
Linda Gelda, LICSW2015201820182022
Sara Emerson, LICSW2015201820182022
Kate Roy Sullivan, Ph.D.20202023  
Jill Engerman, LICSW20202023  

International Connections Committee

The International Connections Committee (ICC) was formed at MIP to provide the membership with opportunities for lively contact and ongoing exchange with members of the international psychoanalytic community. We facilitate and host local presentations by international analysts in an informal format dedicated to open discussion.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Joyce Klein, LICSW, Co-Chair2014201720172020
Raquel Limonic, LMHC, Co-Chair2014201720172020
Pamela Lamto, Psy.D.2013201620162020

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, typically comprised of a Chair who works closely with MIP’s administrator, is responsible for the collection of annual dues from the membership. The committee is also available to speak to prospective and current members about any questions related to membership at the organization.

This committee does not have members just a chair1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Kate Roy Sullivan, Ph.D, Chair2016201920192022

Nominations Committee

The MIP Nominations Committee is charged with the responsibility for overseeing MIP’s yearly elections for Board members (Faculty, Graduate, Member, Candidate representatives, as well as President, Secretary, Treasurer). The Committee solicits nominations from the membership, places them before a vote, and addresses any election-related questions or difficulties.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Keren Porat, Psy.D., Co-Chair20202023  
Jill Engerman, LICSW, Co-Chair20182021  

Postgraduate Fellowship Committee

The Postgraduate Fellowship (PGFP) Committee is charged with the development and oversight of a year-long psychoanalytic educational fellowship program based in the Metro Boston region of Massachusetts. The PGFP Committee develops the fellowship curriculum, recruits faculty, reviews fellowship applications, and facilitates an advanced introduction to psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice for post-graduate clinicians.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Keren Porat, Psy.D., Chair 20192022
Jill Engerman, LICSW20192022  
Joan Goldberg, Ph.D.2014201720172020
Mal Slavin, Ph.D.2016201920192022
Mark Steinberg, Ph.D.20192022  
Amy Sweigenberg, Psy.D.2016201920192022

Postgraduate Fellowship West Committee

The Postgraduate Fellowship West Committee is charged with the development and oversight of a year-long psychoanalytic educational fellowship program based in Western Massachusetts (Pioneer Valley region).

(a subcommittee of the Postgraduate Fellowship Program)1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
David Levit, Ph.D., ABPP2011201820182022
Stacey Novack, Psy.D.2017202020202023

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for the provision and coordination of psychoanalytic learning opportunities for MIP and the analytic community that represent MIP’s mission of being a comparative psychoanalytic institute. The committee specifically offers Saturday morning scientific programs, panels, and workshops (held at Cambridge Hospital), as well as courses, pre-Program seminars, and candidate-only presentations that offer opportunities for deeper immersion and study.

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Susan Hileman, LICSW, Co-Chair20202023
Frances Lang, LICSW, Co-Chair20202023
Neil Altman, Ph.D.20212024  
Noah Sadek, MD20212024  
Jessica Somers, LICSW20212024

Stechler Child and Adolescent Fellowship Committee

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Sharon Greenfield, Psy.D., Co-Chair 2017202020202023
Elizabeth Slater, Ph.D., Co-Chair2016201920192022
Elizabeth Bernstein, Ph.D.2016201920192022
Michael Reison, Ph.D.2016201920192022
Mary Calabrese, Ph.D.2017202020202023
Joan Frankhouser, Psy.D.2017202020202023
Jeanne Strassburger, Ph.D.2017202020202023

Training Committee

The Training Committee oversees and facilitates the educational experience of each candidate and each cohort of candidates through close collaboration with candidates and supervisors. The Training Committee is responsible for pairing candidates with MIP liaisons, who form a central part of their Candidate Advisory Committee (CAC).

Name1st Term Start1st Term End2nd Term Start2nd Term End
Jill Engerman, LICSW, Co-Chair 2016201920202023
Nancy Lubin-Levy, Co-Chair20212024
Paul Efthim, Ph.D.20172020  
Ginger Chappell, Ph.D.2009201220132016
Sara Emerson, MSW2011201920202023
Caleb Englander, LICSW20172020  
Susan Schiff Geist, M.D.2014201720182021
Elizabeth Gaskill, LICSW20172020  
Patricia Harney, Ph.D.2013201620172020
Susan Hileman, LICSW2016201920202023
Jennifer Irvin, LICSW20182021  
Jody Leader, Ph.D2014201720182021
Beth Reuman, Ph.D.20142017 20182021
John Rosario-Perez, Psy.D.2015201820192022
Elizabeth Simpson, LICSW2016201920202023
Elizabeth Slater, Ph.D.2012201520162019
Marina Kasdaglis, LMHC, MA, Ed.M.20202023
Anna Stothart, Psy.D., LMHC2013201620172020