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Board of Directors

Officers of the Corporation

PositionNameTerm StartTerm End
President – ChairJoyce Klein, LICSW11/202010/2022
Past PresidentDeborah Dowd, LICSW11/202010/2021
SecretarySara Emerson, MSW11/ 2017 
TreasurerLaurence Chud, M.D.initially appointed in May 2009; reappointed Nov. 2014; reappointed again Oct. 2019
Executive DirectorJohn Tyler, MPP 

Elected Board Members

PositionName1st Term StartTerm End of AY2nd Term StartTern End
Candidate Rep.Keren Porat, Psy.D.11/201910/2022  
Candidate Rep.Jason Healy, Ph.D.11/202010/2023  
Candidate Rep.Elisheva Dan, Ph.D.11/201810/2021  
Candidate Rep.Mary McDonald, LICSW11/201810/2021  
Candidate Rep.Suhrida Yadavalli, LMHC 11/202010/2023
Membership Rep.Sarah Brady, LICSW11/201910/2022  
Membership Rep.Dick Geist, Ed.D.11/202010/2023
Membership Rep.Linda Gelda, LICSW, ACSW11/201510/201811/201810/2021
Faculty Rep.David Kemmerer, Ph.D.11/202010/2023  
Faculty Rep.Michael Reison, Ph.D.11/201910/2022  
Faculty Rep.Raquel Limonic, LMHC11/202010/2023
Postgraduate Fellowship Rep.Hannah Richardson, Ph.D.11/202010/2022
Stechler Rep.Joann Frankhouser, Psy.D.11/202010/2023
Graduate Rep.Elizabeth Corpt, LICSW11/201710/202011/202010/2023
Graduate Rep.Jade McGleughlin, LICSW11/201910/2022  
Graduate Rep.Stuart Pizer, Ph.D., ABPP11/201510/201811/201810/2021
Appointed Rep.M. Pamela Lamto, Psy.D.11/202010/2023